Friday, June 25, 2010

Some things should go without saying

During one of my TV jobs, I was often given new equipment to work with. It was my job not only to maximize what it could do, but also to ensure others could use it. This required me to write several "step by step" instructions. I learned that to write these, I needed to be very simple and basic so that there could be no confusion.
However, some of the sharper folks would complain that what I was writing was insulting. So where do you draw the line? For the sake of argument, I'll give a few examples of where things are simplified too much or simply are not needed (in my opinion) .
First off, I always laugh when I see a sheet of paper in some instructions that is blank aside from the words, "This page is left intentionally blank." By writing that on the page, it isn't blank anymore, is it? Or how about the sign that is posted on a wall or telephone pole that says "Post no signs." Hmmmmm.
Here are some more that have to be seen to be believed:

If only I had these instructions when I first became a parent!

I don't own a gun, but if I did, I'd be thankful I knew which end to point away from me.

There go my plans for the weekend. . .

But can I get that with cheese?

Okay, I'll take this pic's advice and sotp.


  1. Jason,

    You make me laugh! Just what the grumpy old man needed at the end of a Saturday.