Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Natural Flavor, Revisited

In a previous blog, I pondered exactly what "Natural Flavor" was and why it was in so many different items. I'm sure there is some sort of scientific explanation for what it is, but where would be the fun in that? I kinda like how it is all mysterious and such.
I honestly intended to leave "Natural Flavor" alone. Really. I had voiced (or written as the case may be) my opinion on the matter. However, it seems that "Natural Flavor" won't leave me alone.
The drink for dinner tonight was lemonade--or something pretending to be lemonade. I'm a virtual coinsure of lemonades (I guess that is a hobby you pick up when you don't partake of the strong drink) and this, my friends, was no lemonade.
Now my sweet wife tried to explain that there wasn't enough of the mix left to make real lemonade and it was actually just slightly flavored water. However, it was yellow and smelled lemony--watered down or not, it was something I needed to investigate.
As to not get sued, I will not reveal the brand of the alleged lemonade. But as I examined the container, a couple of things caught my attention right away.
#1. It clearly states on the front that there are no "Artificial Flavors" in this mix. (Again, see my previous blog for my feelings on that matter)
#2 Its selling point is "Lemonade Drink Mix. Naturally Flavored with other Natural Flavor." Wait . . . what? "Naturally Flavored with other Natural Flavor?" What does that even mean?
So, off to the back of the label I go. There has to be some sort of explanation. But no! The ingredients were printed right where the lid joins with the jar--and when the lid was opened, the list of the ingredients was obliterated. How you mock me you faux lemonade!
Hello! What's this? Below the ingredients in bold are the allergy warnings. Let's see here. This "so called" lemonade may contain traces of milk, eggs, coconut, wheat, soy and . . .tilapia. Tilapia? Isn't that some sort of fish?
Alas, if only the lemonade had traces of lemons in it. Sigh.

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