Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's a sign!

My wife has a silly sense of humor--which is one reason we've been married for so long, I'm sure (you can read into that statement what you will). We've lived in several different parts of the country--Utah, Idaho, Connecticut and North Carolina. We've driven across the country, as well as taken several long road trips. In doing so, we've noticed signs or other odd things along the way. Some of them make sense--others I'm sure can be explained, but where is the fun in that.
Here are a few examples:

Are we looking for a particular rock or will any rock do?

You mean this road wasn't build just for me?

Does this mean a truck is stuck ahead? If so, why would they spend the time making a sign instead of just removing the truck?

Dang it! I was about to pass all willy nilly.

Yes, I agree. A truck should drive will all its wheels touching the ground. This is a good reminder.

Ah good! A place where my trailer can drop a duce if it needs to.

What isn't shown here is that the sign before asked, "Can you spot the dot?" This is the answer.

I believe this one has to do with a mime stuck in a box.

Most of the time, these are closed. I'll say, "Look, the weigh station is closed." My wife will respond, "No weigh!"

Doesn't this contradict itself?

Well, at least this sign has come to grips with the fact it doesn't know what it is for.

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  1. Sweet! As always, I love your sense of humor. I've seen some good ones myself. Case in point, there was a recent article about a misspelled billboard sign. What the sign SHOULD have said was "There's education in our public schools." Unfortunately what was printed was "There's education in our pubic schools." Hmmmm. Maybe I should have attended school there.

    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    GA Lanham