Saturday, February 12, 2011


I've not been as good in posting my twice-weekly blog recently due to some updates and changes going on. These have been good changes. Really! I promise.

First, some exciting news. My short story called The Reluctant Wanderer has been picked up by Pill Hill Press for an anthology they are putting together called How The West Was Wicked. What makes this really cool was that I wrote this story for another anthology but was turned down because it wasn't violent enough. I elected not to change the story just to make it more violent--I thought the story was strong enough on its own, and it looks like I was right. *smiles* It's another title I can add to my "published" credits. I'll be sure to announce when it is released.

As noted in a previous blog, The Hidden Sun is now available on Kindle and Kindle friendly devices. But that isn't where the changes end.

While I am a very proud of The Hidden Sun, and it has sold fairly well, I've always been bothered by something. The version in print has several technical flaws (spelling errors, added or missing words and the like) which have distracted a few readers. While I believe I had caught all of these before it went to print, it does appear that my publisher went with the second to last revision, hence several of the errors are still there.

The Kindle version is a completely re-edited edition of the book. In fact, I'm officially dubbing it the "second edition". Aside from a fixing the errors, I made a minor shift to the timeline at the end of the book to help things flow a bit more smoothly.

To get this second edition out there in normal book form, I did some looking around, but my current publishing agreement didn't allow for an update, and other publishers wouldn't touch a book that has already been published. What to do? What to do?

Answer? I had a clause in my contract with my publisher that I could back out if I desired under certain conditions, which I have decided to do. I am truly grateful to them for all they have done to help a new author learn the ropes. However, I decided to move on.

The second edition of The Hidden Sun will be available soon in book format through I've struck a deal with them to have them distribute the book with J Lloyd Morgan LLC (that's me) as the subsidiary publisher. It will be available originally only through them, though there are options of other outlets down the road.

As well, the second edition has completely new artwork on the front and back, as well as a note in the front to direct people to my website for a pronunciation guide to some of the odd names I invented.

Here is a view of the front and back:

One more project that has kept me busy is a new trailer to celebrate the release of the Kindle version.
It can be viewed here:

Big thanks to my friend Catrina (her last name is kept private to protect the innocent) for doing the voice over for the trailer.

Lastly, I can now focus my attention on getting my second book, The Waxing Moon, ready for publication. It's as if The Hidden Sun kept trying to tell me, "Hey! You! I'm not done with you yet!" But now that it is all updated and shiny, perhaps it will go and play nice with the other books.

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  1. All of this is such great news, Jason! Congrats! Can't wait to read the short story!