Monday, September 26, 2011

Book review of The Hidden Sun by Author Elizabeth Mueller

I'm very pleased to have the talented Author Elizabeth Mueller review The Hidden Sun. Not only does she have a book coming out on Oct 31 of this year called Darkspell, she did all the illustrations herself. (I would have tried something like that, but I doubt my stick figures would enhance my book.) For more on Elizabeth Mueller, you can check out her webpage here.
Here is what she had to say about The Hidden Sun:  

Whoa, this book knocked all 5 socks off of my feet!

I would leave it at that because that's how I felt after the experience of reading this wonderful novel.

Deception. Intrigue. Love.

A lovely princess dares defy the laws of the kingdom by a single act. From there, it's a wild roller coaster ride. No, it's not a pretty princess book. By far, but there is a true love story hidden within these pages.

I literally gripped the book and chewed my nails and held my breath as I read.

I groaned, angry with the author regarding the huge tangled mess he weaves in the tale, because I am so in love with his characters.

It was the hope of justice that drove me.

I wish I could let slip more detail, but the story must be tasted with your own eyes.

For more on her blog, click here.

Thank you again to Elizabeth Mueller for taking time to read and review the book!

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  1. Elizabeth sure can write a great review. I love books with strong characters.