Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog tour announced!

If you're like me, they first time you heard the words "blog tour", you didn't have any idea what that was. Well, no fear! I'll explain.There are all sorts of wonderful people who love to read books and then share their thoughts about them on their blogs. And then there are those who love to read other people's blogs to get good ideas on what books to read. Make sense? At least sort of?
How a blog tour works is thus: established bloggers are contacted to see if they are interested in reading a book and then writing a review about it. If they agree, they are sent a book by the publisher or author for free. The blogger agrees to post the review on a certain day.

The author will then post on their blog all the reviews when they get posted, thereby cross promoting each other. The real winners are the people who follow the blogs because they are introduced to books they may not know about otherwise.

My book, The Hidden Sun, is going on a blog tour starting Sept 20th. Below, I've listed the names of the bloggers, the dates they are review the book and their blogger address.

Dawn Vanniman (Sept 20)

Cindy M. Hogan (Sept 21)

Rachel Hoyt (Oct 1)
Chioma Nwuzi (Oct 4)

Michael Araujo (Oct 7)
Katelyn Torrey  (Oct 7) 
Chloe Bray (Oct 10)

Valerie Ipson (Oct 13)

Maggie Osborn (Oct 14)

Aislynn Thompson (Oct 15)

Erika Stroup (Oct 18)

Kati Lear (Oct 21)

Robert and Paula Rabe (Oct 24)

Angie Lofthouse (Oct 27)


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