Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Book review for “Dead Running” by Cami Checketts

There is a fairly new term being thrown around to describe a certain type of personality. It’s “adorkable.” Why do I bring this up at the start of a book review? Because the main character, Cassidy “Cassie” Christensen is adorkable. In other words, she’s a bit odd, but in a funny and cute way.

The theme of the book is about running—not only literarily but also figuratively. Cassie is twenty-five and at a crossroads of sorts in her life. Her parents were killed by some not so nice men. She lives with her “Nana” and is working at a job she doesn’t enjoy.

At the encouragement from her sister-in-law, she starts running. It begins innocently enough with a short 5K run. I won’t spoil the fun part of why she starts training for longer runs.

The book is really a tale of three stories. There is the mystery behind her parents’ death and potential threat to her. There is the story of Cassie’s inner struggle to train her body and mind to run. And then, at its very heart, is the romantic snarl in which she gets caught up.

Cassie finds herself drawn to two different men. One seems to be perfect and one is the kind she wouldn’t dare bring home to Nana. Cassie doesn’t realize that both of these men play a larger part in her life than she realizes.

So, what did I think about the book? Overall, it is a clean read. There are some intense parts, but there isn’t anything graphic and there isn’t any swearing.

What did I like? Checketts has an incredible sense of humor and it is reflected in Cassie. She’s one of the more dynamic characters I’ve read in quite some time. The story was overall satisfying—enough to keep me coming back to read more.

What did I struggle with? A couple of things. The middle of the book dragged a bit for me. Mainly because it dealt with the second thing I struggled with. As a male reader, I’ll admit some of Cassie’s actions drove me nuts—especially when she was ping-ponging between two men. “I like him! No wait! I like the other ‘him’ instead! Oh wait!” While this may be natural for some women, as a guy, it bothered me. Most likely because I’ve been married over twenty years and I’m hopelessly devoted to my wife.

Who would like this book? I’m going to have to go with the female demographic, ages sixteen and up. It’s got romance, action, suspense and a wholly entertaining main character.

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**Disclaimer: While I was sent a copy to review, it didn't influence my opinion.

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  1. Adorkable? I've never heard of that before but I like it and it definitely describes Cassidy. Sorry about the flakey girl loving two boys! I really appreciate the review but I have to say I wish I had a sense of humor like Cassidy! If you ask my boys I have no sense of humor.
    Thanks again,