Monday, August 20, 2012


English can be a confusing language—not only in spelling, but also in pronunciation.

With my dyslexia, I have tried different methods to help fix the many errors I include in anything I write. One way is to hire a great editor. Another trick I’ve learned is to convert my word document to a .pdf and then use the Adobe Reader program to “Read Out Loud” my words. I catch a lot of mistakes by having the computer read to me—things I can’t see by just looking at the words on paper.

This “Read Out Loud” has been a blessing. Yet, it still has its flaws. The biggest one? It has a hard time with heteronyms.

Heteronyms? What the heck are those? Well, they are words that are spelled the same, but have different meanings and pronunciations.

Not sure what I mean? Take a look at the examples I’ve created below to see if you can figure them out.

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  1. Could be interesting having your computer read those to you. Never know what pronunciation might come out of its mouth. :)