Monday, September 17, 2012

Media Shower

This isn’t a political post. Heck, I’m not even going to mention the candidates running for President of the USA (except just then). I’ll go as far as to make a vow not to post any political stuff on this blog—there are a boatload of websites already out there that do that.

I won’t add to the discussion—not because I don’t care. No, it’s because it seems everywhere I look, I’m bombarded by ads, opinions, and attacks on any number of political issues.

Facebook has been especially hit hard. People post their political views. Some people respond with their opposing point of view—and often it turns into name calling. Then there are those that post on Facebook that they don’t like all the political bickering and ask people to stop. The response? “Oh yeah, it’s much more important to post a picture of your puppy than who will be the next leader of the free world!” (Their words, not mine.)

In retail, the biggest day of the year is “Black Friday”—or the day after Thanksgiving. In TV news, it’s election night. It takes months of prep time to get ready for the big event. All the stops are pulled out. And increasingly, the “filler” between election results are interviews with experts. You know—the people who tell us what we should be thinking.

What I find interesting—and a bit disturbing—is how different the experts for the Democrats and the Republicans view the truth. After all, the first rule about claiming to be on one side or the other is to point out the flaws of the other side. Right?

When someone stands on a street corner and shouts, “The world is coming to an end tomorrow!” most people ignore them because their views are so extreme. Yet, when it comes to extremist spouting off against their opposing political party, they aren’t ignored. Nope. They are put on TV.

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  1. Yep. I agree it's frustrating and annoying. I'll be glad when it's done.