Friday, November 15, 2013

Carol of the Tales--A Christmas Anthology

One of my favorite parts about Christmastime is the messages of hope and peace, of giving and helping others, and of the traditions that come with the season.

I’m pleased to share with you a special book. It’s called Carol of the Tales. The idea behind it is rather brilliant, and I can say that because I didn’t come up with the idea. (winks) Michael Young is the man behind this project, and I’m happy to play even a small part in it.

So what is it? It’s a book of short Christmas stories—each one based on a Christmas song. Cool, right? And to add to the coolness, there are 25 stories—one for each day in December up until Christmas day.

If all this wasn’t great enough, all proceeds of the book go to the charity group “Autism Speaks.”

I was blessed to be able to contribute a story to this anthology. I wrote it during the holiday season last year while the spirit of Christmas was burning brightly inside me. My story is called “With Bells On.” It is tied to not only the song “Jingle Bells,” but also to the saying, “I’ll be there with bells on.”

If you would like an autographed copy, well, at least with my autograph, go to my main webpage, click on the “contact” link in the top right hand corner, and send me an email. I’ll randomly select two winners. (You can get to my website by clicking here.)

For more information on the project, click on this link.

To order a print copy, you can click here.

To order a copy for Kindle, please click here.

And Merry Christmas everyone!

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