Saturday, July 10, 2010

Examples of proofreading gone bad

A good writer depends on others for proofreading their work. Even after having several people read The Hidden Sun, the final version still has a few extra words, wrong words and typos. My wife makes me feel better about the mistakes as she will point out the same issues in books she is reading--there are even some in the Twilight series! *gasp*
That's a risk you take when you display your work for public scrutiny, there is bound to be people who will find flaws in your work. Some people actually make a living from it. They are called critics.
However, there are some mistakes that could, or more likely should be caught and fixed before being put on display.
Here is what I mean:

Perhaps they should look up the word "always".

So what happens to the other dollar?

Not even during kid hunting season?

Apparently the 24 hours aren't in a row.

Dang it! Now where am I going to park my blimp?

How about I just go really slow. Is that ok?

Little known fact: this is what Ebay was originally called.

It's part of a new marketing plan. We put the "cool" in "shcool".

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