Friday, July 2, 2010

What nickname would you give Nick?

When we were first married, I got a call from my wife one night telling me that we were "going to have an addition to the family." I was in shock! I was going to be a dad! Or at least I that is what I thought until she continued, "I'm bringing home a puppy!"
Home comes this little fluff ball--a terrier / poodle mix, also known as a terri-poo. This cute little puppy was smaller than my shoe, and promised not to be much bigger as he grew. Since my wife made the executive decision to add to the family, she agreed I could name him. I looked at this little doggy and thought, "This little dog is going to need a big name." My selection? Armageddon.
Now Armageddon is a bit of a mouthful, so a nickname was needed. A traditional nickname would have him be called "Army", but we didn't like that. So, I borrowed the "g" further down in the name and tada! The nickname "Argy" was born. (Also known as "Argy Dargy")
I've always found it interesting how someone has gotten a nickname, even though no one can always explain why they "stick."
There are many strange nicknames that have stuck in my family. My oldest sister? Fred. (Much to the dismay of my mother that her only daughter was given a boy's nickname) Why Fred? I don't know.
My little brother? Hose, short for "hoser", as in a term from the 80's meaning "dork, goofy head, and silly pants." If you ever met my little brother back then, you'd know why. To this day, I'll call him that, and my kids affectionately call him "Uncle Hose."
My kids have had all sorts of nicknames over the years, but none more interesting than my third child which for the first few years of her life was "Ba-boo". She was an early walker, which also meant she fell a lot. When she would fall, she'd look up at us like, "Am I ok?" We'd respond "bonk-a-boo!" in a light, happy voice, letting her know she was fine. However, she would fall so often, over time we shortened it to "Ba-Boo!" There was even a time when she wouldn't answer by her given name--only to Ba-boo. (Though if we call her that now, she gives you the evil eye)
Growing up, I never really liked my middle name. It came from my grandfather, who I thought was cool, but "Lloyd" sounded so old-fashioned. My little brother caught on to this fact and would call me "Lloyd" every chance he could get. (He still calls me that to this day)
But then it came time to pick a pseudonym, or pen name, for my book. My given name, Jason Morgan, is way too common (I went to high school with another Jason Morgan) as well as being a character on General Hospital. I also wanted the pseudonym to be reflective of the real me, so J. Lloyd Morgan was born.

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