Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Saint Patrick's Day story

In honor of that holiday that has become yet another reason to get plastered, here is my favorite Saint Patrick's Day story:

Two men are sitting at a bar, celebrating Saint Patrick's Day. One of them turns to the other and says, "You look familiar for some reason. Do I know ya?"

The other man responds, "Ya know, you look familiar to me too. Where ya from?"

"I'm from North Clover Town," the first man says.

"No foolin'! I'm from North Clover Town too! Where did ya go to school?"

"I went to Saint Mary's."

The second man looks shocked. "No foolin'! I went to Saint Mary's too! Who was your teacher?"

"Her name was Sister Constance. I swear I still have bruises on my knuckles from her ruler."

Examining his own hands, the second man says, "Oh, aye! I still remember that ruler!"

"We must have gone to school together! When did you go?" the first man asked.

As the second man starts to count on his fingers to figure out how long ago it was, the owner of the tavern comes up to the bartender and says, "All right then lad, I think the O'Dooly twins have had enough to drink."

Now remember, Irish is not the same as Scottish. Need a friendly reminder? Watch the clip below:

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