Thursday, November 17, 2011

Picking actors that match characters in "The Hidden Sun"

When reading a book, I get a mental image in my head of what the characters look like. Sometimes they'll make a movie based on a book. When they do that, I'm always curious on who they'll pick to play different parts and if that person matches the image in my head.

So for a bit of fun, I thought I'd pick some actors to play the characters in my book, The Hidden Sun. Some of them I picked strictly on looks, some, I chose more on the characters I've seen these actors play.

I'll have to admit this is not an original idea. I borrowed this from my friend Dan Harrington. He posted a similar blog for his book Who's at the door?

Again, I state these are my opinions—if they are different from what you think, that's ok. That's the magic of books.

Eliana (Leelee Sobieski)

I've often thought of Eliana looking a lot like my wife. In my opinion, Leelee Sobieski pulls that off with the blonde hair and blue eyes. In the roles I've seen her in, she can be both sweet and commanding.

Rinan (Clive Owen)

Granted, he's a bit older than Rinan is in the start of the book. I feel he has the looks that aren't "pretty boy"—he's more manly in a rugged sort of way.

Abrecan (Christoph Waltz)

This was a tough one. I had a hard time picking someone. My wife and I watched Water For Elephants recently (it was her turn to pick) and I thought he was quite commanding.

Daimh (Patrick Warburton)

Again, he's a bit older than Daimh is at the start of the book, but he's got the chiseled features of Daimh, plus he's got the ability to play the dimwit without being over the top about it.

Bertram (Paul Bettany)
I'd say this choice was based largely on the role he played in A Knight's Tale. He's got a sharp wit about him, yet he's got quite the vulnerable side.

Caldre (Brad Dourif)
In his roles in Dune and The Lord of the Rings, he's got the ability to play the kind of slimy character that makes your skin crawl.

Anemone (Maggie Smith)

Probably best known for her role as Professor Minerva McGonagall in the Harry Potter movies. I liked her ability to play the mentor role, while at the same time, she can show compassion.

Sherwyn (Christopher Plummer)

What's not to like about Christopher Plummer? Though in this picture he's got more hair than Sherwyn does in the book, I could totally see him bringing Sherwyn to life.

Eadward (Brian Cox)

He's one of those actors that looks familiar, but he's not defined by a sole role.

Sunshine (Bridget Regan)

She played Kahlan in the TV series Legend of the Seeker. Another actor that has the range to be tender and commanding.

Rayne (Alex Pettyfer)

This was a hard one to pick. I'm not super familiar with his work aside from I Am Number Four. Mostly, this is how I'd picture Rayne to look.

Nash (Santa Claus)

Why not? He's a jolly man, with a long white beard and says "Ho ho!" time and again.

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