Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday School Answers

Regardless of what religion you follow, considering you believe in God, I'm sure there are basic things you are taught to do. I've often heard these referred to as "Sunday School Answers".

For example, if someone were to ask you what you can do to be more spiritual, the Sunday School answer would be, "Go to church, read your scriptures, say your prayers."

What about if you are going through a rough stretch in your life? Maybe you've lost your job, had a relationship end, had health issues, or any other number of things. If you ask a religious person what you should do, you may get the same Sunday School answers.

Lately, I've noticed some people ask questions in a religious setting, and before they allow people to respond, they'll say, "And I don't want the Sunday School answers."

To which I reply, "Why not?"

I honestly think that sometimes we make things more complicated than they need to be. There is something to be said for doing the basics consistently. That's true in many aspects of life. Do you want to lose weight? Eat right and exercise. Do you want to learn how to play a musical instrument? Practice. Do you find that you are tired all the time? Make sure you get enough rest.

For the example of losing weight, how many different diets are out there? How many of them contradict each other? But no one can deny if you eat less and exercise, you'll lose weight.

There is a great story which I'm sure I'll mess up if I try to retell it verbatim, so I'll paraphrase.

A Native American young man has a vivid dream one night. He sees there are two wolves inside him—each fighting for dominance. The dream is powerful enough that he goes to see his wise grandfather to ask about it. The grandfather responds that every person has two wolves inside of them: one that seeks to be good, and one that seek to be evil. The young man asks, "Which one will win?" The grandfather responds, "Which ever one you feed."

My point here is that by doing the basics in a consistent manner, we're feeding the proper wolf.

And so, the next time someone responds to a question with the "Sunday School answers", I'm going to stand up and shout "Halleluiah!"—or at the very least, smile and nod my head in agreement.

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