Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cute + Stupid = Cupid

"Oh, you think you're being charming!" is something I often hear from my wife. I tend to walk a fine line of being loving and silly—usually tripping and falling on the silly side.

A quote from me you'll hear time and again is, "I love the fact that even though we've been married over 20 years, I can still make you laugh." And it's true. My wife has heard all my jokes dozens of times over, so I'm forced to be spontaneously silly—and she finds it funny.

Early in our marriage, this would sometimes consist of throwing a cup full of cold water on her while she was taking a shower. (She'd do the same to me)

Then there were times when we'd sit down to eat dinner and she'd get up to get something from the kitchen. I'd take her utensils and hide them. She'd come back, we'd say the blessing on the food and as we were about to eat, she would get a perplexed look on her face. The whole time, I would act as if nothing had happened.

One of my favorite silly things to do was to "stack the cards" when we'd play one of our favorite card games. While I was "shuffling", (I was actually just having the cards make shuffling sounds) I'd put the cards in an order where she'd have an amazing hand. However, mine would be just a wee bit better. This trick would only work when she was getting us some snacks to munch on while we played, as well as the fact that she rarely cuts the deck.

On more than one occasion, her pillow would somehow disappear while she was getting ready for bed, and I was already in bed reading. Spooky!

But this isn't a one way street. Oh no. She can be just as silly.

The other night, I had gotten me a drink and a bowl of chips. I placed them on our kitchen island with the intention of taking them to my computer to enjoy while I wrote. But before I left the kitchen area, I used the bathroom to powder my nose. When I returned, the cup and bowl were both there—just with nothing inside of them. She was doing the dishes and acted like nothing had happened.

All this brings me to one of my wife's favorite quotes: "Anyone can be passionate, but it takes true lovers to be silly."

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