Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to meet that special "someone"

A common question you ask a married couple when you are getting to know them is “How did you meet?” I remember asking my grandparents that when I was younger. Their answer was “at a church dance.”

I’ve been married just over twenty years now. My wife and I met at BYU. On Monday nights, we’d have family home evening activities. However, when you are a single student, you don’t have a “family”, per se. So . . .the students are divided into groups to act as “families”. There is a male and a female chosen to be in charge of the group and planning the activities. They are affectionately called “Mom” and “Dad.”

In our case, my wife was the “Mom”. Most people then assume I was the “Dad”—but they’d be wrong. I was one of the “kids”. So, yes, I married my “Mom”. I’m sure Oedipus would have something to say about that.

With the advent of new technology, people are finding different ways to meet. A popular way is on the internet—and why not? There are numerous ways of meeting and communicating with new people that share your similar interests. I know of a woman who moved from the USA to a European country to marry a man she met while playing an online video game. I know of another couple where the man moved from Australia to the USA to marry a woman he met while playing “World of Warcraft”. And frankly, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

However, (and if you know me, there is always a “however”) there are those in the world that would use the internet to help people “get together” for the sake of making money for themselves. They are like modern day matchmakers (I can hear the tune from Fiddler on the Roof in my head right now) though at times their methods are somewhat questionable.

Here are some real ads that have popped up on various websites, from Facebook, to MSN.com, and even TVGuide.com—none of which are designed to look for a woman.

Because having to pay would make it creepy.

Nothing inspires confidence in finding that special person like a company with the word "Zoo" in the name.

It adds a lot of credibility to your website when you are endorsed by the Almighty.

Is the word "cheated" something you want associated to a dating site?

Nothing invokes pure, spiritual feelings like a woman in a cowboy hat and a low cut, tight shirt.

These women must be stocking me. On our trip to Utah last summer, this same ad said they were in Orem.

I guess some habits are hard to break.

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