Saturday, January 21, 2012

What dreams may come

French dip sandwiches from Arby’s every Thursday night. It was my “thing”. When I left work on Thursdays, I would go to my church building to catch up on any clerk work. On the way, I’d stop by a local mall and eat at the food court.

Time and again, I would walk around the mall for a moment to wind down between aspects of my day. I was writing The Hidden Sun during this time, along with everything else I was responsible for. When I’d walk past the largest bookstore in the mall, I’d stop and look at all the books on display. I’d dream about having my book be published one day and seeing it available for sale.

Heck, I’d even take it a step further and imagine what people might say about it. I felt I had a good story to tell, and I hoped others would enjoy it. Yet, part of me doubted that would ever happen. After all, I’d never written a book and didn’t have a clue how I’d go about getting it published.

Fast forward to now. The Hidden Sun has been published. It’s available not only in print form, but also as an ebook. In addition, it’s been getting amazing reviews. Up until yesterday, the reviews posted on Goodreads and Amazon were people I knew, were part of the blog tours or other promotions I’d set up.

What happened yesterday? The following review was posted on Goodreads from someone I don’t know. In addition, it was posted five months after the book was released. All those are good signs.

Here is the review:

With a touch of romance, this action/adventure novel is amazing. A great book for both kids and adults. I had it read within twenty-four hours. I couldn’t put it down. And now my daughter is half-way through and loving it! The author weaves an intricate tale spanning two generations. You are cheering for the characters throughout as they battle the effects of one wicked king in their fight to restore liberty and justice to the people of Bariwon. This book visited my thoughts long after I closed the cover, and I am anxiously awaiting the sequel to this one!

If someone would have told me when I was standing in the mall, looking into the bookstore, that not only would I have a book published, but I would get reviews like that, I don’t think I would have believed them.

Was it a dream of mine that it would happen?


Did it come to pass?


And that is why I continue to dream.

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  1. Congrats on living the dream. I'm sure there was lots of hard work from window shopping to reaching that goal.