Monday, May 27, 2013

Copy cat?

I was listening to Pandora internet radio the other day and a song started to play that I thought I recognized, but I wasn’t sure. The music was familiar, but different than I remembered. Once the song played a bit more, it was not the song I thought it had been, but I couldn’t recall what song it reminded me of.

For a couple of days this bounced around my head until I figured it out. I found both songs on YouTube and played them. Yup. I was right. They were similar.

That got me thinking of other songs I’ve heard or heard of that either copied another song (intentionally or not). Some of these songs were subjects of lawsuits, which I won’t get into.

However, check these out for yourself. I created these so the original song plays AFTER the one that was “inspired” by it.

I’ll start with the songs that got me thinking about this in the first place:

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