Monday, June 3, 2013

“The Mirror of the Soul” reviewed by Jandy Salguero

I was delighted to read the following review by Jandy Salguero on my novel The Mirror of the Soul for a couple of reasons. 

First, she truly enjoyed the book. 

Second, since she has studied French history and cultural trends of the period, it gives the novel credibility. 

She wrote: “I had no clue what The Mirror of the Soul would be about, but the setting of France near the hundred years war caught my attention (I have a BA in French and have studied lots of French history and cultural trends of that period). The themes and beliefs of the characters are indicative of a time when the masses were kept uneducated in many ways. 

The writing seamlessly pushed me from one chapter to the next, with the tension building as I went. In the end, it was a beautiful story of love, hope, and renewal that made me fall in love with the simple faith of the protagonists and cheer for their success. 

This book is appropriate for young adults. I look forward to reading other works by this author.” 

Here is the official description of the book: 

“In the Dordogne region of France after The Hundreds’ Year War, there are rumors of an object falling from the sky. Soon after, the abbot at the Abbé St. Pierre announces that he has been given a gift from God: a large diamond that glows when it is touched. The diamond divine, as it is come to be known, can cure the sick, wipe away people’s sins (past, present and future) and even grant eternal life—for a price. 

The Mirror of the Soul is a story of corruption, greed and redemption based on the song of the same title by international recording artist Chris de Burgh.” 

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