Sunday, December 29, 2013

Top Blogs of 2013

Which of my 2013 blogs were the most popular based on number of times people accessed them? I’m always surprised to find out which ones they are.

Like I’ve done in the past, I’m going to count down the top 5, based on page views. At the end, I’ll share which ones were my favorite.

I haven’t written as many personal blogs this year for a few reasons. First, I released three books in 2013. Second, I’m blogging for Ronaldo Designer Jewelry which uses up some of my blogging time. Third, I’m working on a little something called my Master’s Degree in Creative Writing.

However I did write quite a few blogs. And people still read them. In fact, my blog has had over 140,000 hits since I started it.

Anyway, here are the top 5: (You can click on the name to read the blog.)

A blog about how many stories “borrow” ideas from other sources.

Yes, one of my books was banned from Facebook. Can you guess which one?

A little story about what happens when you are rude to a teacher (or so I would have the students believe.)

One of my teachers wanted me to write a short story out of my comfort zone. This was the result.

To be honest, I’m not sure why this one was so popular. Perhaps because I introduced people to something they had been living without.

And now for my favorite(s):

I couldn’t pick only one, so here are my personal favorites that didn’t make the list in no particular order:

A video / audio comparison of several songs and those that sound a lot like the original.

Because people who insist on using hyphenated last names have started down a path that could get quite interesting.

My response when the name of the new high school in the area was revealed to be “Apex Friendship High School.”

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