Tuesday, August 31, 2010

As the blog tour winds down, two more reviews posted!

I love to get reviews from male authors / reviewers. David J. West was spot on for my feelings with the book. I thought the first 50 pages or so were a bit slow, but I was told by the female readers that they really enjoyed those pages. In fact, what I tell a guy who is about to read the book is, "Just make it through chapter 5, and you'll be fine." David also mentions he would have prefered a bit of a different type of ending. Well, without giving away too much, the second book starts faster from the male point of view, and the reader will understand why the first book ended the way it did. It's a great review and can be found here.

The second review is from Alison Palmer. She focuses more on the moral issues brought up in the book--which is good. The book was intended to be an interesting read, but also one with a message. She, too, gives some great advice to a first time author. Her review can be found here.

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