Monday, August 9, 2010

The talented and amazing author C. K. Bryant has reviewed The Hidden Sun. Her blog, with my blog response, are posted.

I would like to thank C. K. Bryant for taking the time to read The Hidden Sun and reviewing it on her blog. The fact that she wrote: "All in all, this was a great read and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good medieval tale. J. Lloyd Morgan is an excellent story teller with a vivid imagination. The twists and turns woven within the story kept me wanting more, especially toward the end when I could NOT put the book down," and "It isn't often that the ending of a book brings tears to my eyes, but this one did" leads me to believe there is hope for me as a writer. *smiles*
Bryant nailed the two points of the book that I'm the least satisfied with. Number one, there are several extra or missing words, some misspellings and various other technical issues throughout the book. Even with several people going over it with a fine tooth comb (apparently there were some gaps in these combs, especially my comb *smiles*), things were missed. Secondly, I have received feedback that some of the names in the book are so odd as to be distracting. It isn't until I direct them to the pronunciation guide that the readers forgive me. I appreciate Bryant including the link to the guide in her blog. My next book will have the pronunciations in the book proper.
A quick funny point about this: as a first time author, I felt I had the ability to tell a good story, just not the developed skills to do so. When I would re-read the first few chapters, I noticed I had a knack for leaving out words. Why? I wish I knew! However, I took inspiration from this. One of the plot points of the book stems from a seemingly missing word in The Tome of Laws. So, I turned my own weakness into part of the book.
Overall, I'm glad that Bryant was able to look beyond the blemishes and enjoy the story. I'm most certainly an author in training, so I feel that if I can tell a good story that evokes emotion, then there is hope.
She also mentioned the other major criticism I've gotten from the book: things happen readers don't expect, and the readers aren't particularly happy when they occur. I even had one reader tell me she was so mad at me that she put the book down for a week and wouldn't touch it after a certain event. However, just like Bryant, she was brave enough to finish it until the end and then understood why.
Lastly, I would like to thank Bryant for the kind words at the end. When I wrote the final part of the epilogue, I, too, had tears come to my eyes. After all the "trouble" in the book, the ending just felt right.
I would encourage anyone that has completed The Hidden Sun to go to the "secrets" part of my website. There are quite the number of fun things you may have missed along the way.
Once again, thank you C. K. Bryant for your honesty and time in reviewing The Hidden Sun.

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  1. Woot! Congrats on the solid review, J. Lloyd.