Sunday, June 12, 2011

When billboards go wrong

Did you know there are four states in the USA that have outlawed billboards? It's true! Vermont, Alaska, Hawaii, and Maine have all passed laws making billboards illegal. However, that leaves forty six more states to display these marketing tools.
And after reviewing the following billboards, I can understand why the four states listed above banned them from their borders.

What's not shown here is that there are signs like this every 3 meters.
But what if I don't want to be on the menu?

I'm all for keeping things in perspective, but really?

What's not listed here is that they have 4 shooting ranges.

Actually, we could use more of these around my town.
I can't remember the last time someone asked me how I'd like my moose to be cooked.

And then there are the situations where billboards are placed next to each other with unfortunate consequences.

Well, one out of three is correct.

But what types of change are we talkin' about here?

. . .
And finally, for all those that don't believe that faith proceeds the miracle: