Saturday, December 31, 2011

Most popular posts of 2011

Ah, New Year’s Eve. That time when I look back at the previous year and think, “What the heck? How did it go by so quickly?”

It’s also time for me to review the most popular blogs of the year—based on the number of times people accessed that blog from anywhere in the world. (This Blogger program has some nifty tools that show me stats.)

Here are the top five, with my personal favorites listed at the end.

Number 5: Updates and announcements

This blog was posted on May 7th and was basically "here is where I stand on various writing projects". It was the first time I posted a preview of my second book, The Waxing Moon, as well as previewing The Mirror of the Soul. I still have high hopes that these books will see the light of day in 2012.

Number 4: When Billboard Go Wrong

This June 12th blog is one of my humourous posts that provided some odd billboard choices.

Number 3: Questions

This post was added on July 20th. It lists a bunch of questions like, ""When I erase a word with a pencil, where does it go?"

Number 2: Angry Birds

On May 22nd, I posted this true story of a real life Angry Bird.

Number 1: Pet Peeves

This September 28th blog took off for what ever reason. It had over 1,000 more hits than the second most popular blog--even with it coming so late in the year. I guess people can really relate to the ones I posted.

My personal favorites that didn't make the list:

Double your money back

Serving suggestions

(Almost) famous quotes

Why did I like the last three so much? Read them and find out for yourself!

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